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Halong Cruises

500 millions years is the time it takes Mother Nature to create the Eden of Ha Long Bay, one of her most admired marvels ever. Ha Long means Descending Dragon in Vietnamese as legend has it that a holly dragon landed down here in the sea and formed the bay with the numerous emeralds which she spat out. Famous as one of the world’s wonders and a UNESCO-recognized world heritage site, Ha Long Bay features a colony of around 2,000 karst islands and islets scattered over an area of 1,553 km2. The calm of the blue sea combined with the karst’s diverse ruggedness brings a mystic yet alluring beauty to the Bay. To discover the bay and see the most of it, cruising is undoubtedly the best way. Blend yourself in the picturesque bay seascape, go anywhere you like and enjoy the maximum comfort aboard a cruise boat. That is what bay cruise is all about.

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