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  • Tips for travelling to Myanmar

    Myanmar is the country which has strict religion and traditional culture. When travelling in Myanmar, you should pay attention to these following tips.
  • Business hours

    Government offices: 8:00am to 4:30pm / Monday to Friday
    Post offices: 9:30am to 3:30pm / Monday to Friday
    Restaurants: 7:00am to 9:00pm
    Shops: 9:30am to 6:00pm or later
  • Dos & don’ts in Myanmar

    • Respect the Myanmar people and their unique traditions.
    • Wear decent clothes to the pagodas or monasteries.
    • Learn the basic words of Myanmar language.
    • Learn the local customs before visiting ethnic minority villages....
  • Export Restrictions

    • Antiques and archaeologically valuable items are not allowed to be taken out
    • Fossils
    • Old Coins
    • Jewelries & Precious Stones (unless bought from the certified shop with official sale voucher)
    • Bronze and brass items...

  • Customs

    • Tourists who have brought foreign currencies in excess of US $2,000 are required to declare. You might want to declare your still/video cameras, computer, jewelries, and electronic goods so that you can officially claim of your lost or theft during your trip although it is hardly happens...
  • SIM for Mobile phones

    • Cellular Telephones or Mobile Telephones from other countries are unable to operate in Myanmar. YADANARPON Teleport has opened a store at Yangon Airport renting phone handsets and SIM cards to foreign visitors.
    • The shop will offer GSM, CDMA-450 and CDMA-800 SIM cards as well as various handsets. Both require a deposit of US$50.
    • SIM cards and handsets will be $2 a day each or $50 a month...
  • Currency

    • The monetary unit of Myanmar is the " Kyat " which is divided into 100 pyas.
    • Currency notes are available in denominations of Kyats 10000, Kyats 5000, Kyats 1000, Kyats 500, Kyats 200, Kyats 100, Kyats 50, Kyats 20, Kyats 10, Kyats 5, Kyat 1.
    • Credit cards are not accepted throughout the country...
  • Money Changer Counters at Main cities

    • Official Money changer counter is opened from AGDB bank at Yangon Airport.
    • The counter can be easily found near meeting point after Customs. The rates are set in market rates. They accept US dollar, Euro & Sing dollar.
    • Official Money changer counters from 6 banks are also opened Theinbyu Road, downtown Yangon
    • Official Money changer counter is opened from AGDB bank at Mandalay Airport & 78th street, downtown Mandalay.