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Food is at the very heart of Vietnamese culture. The food is beautiful to behold, if only for the colors alone: turmeric-yellow crêpes, sunset-orange crabs, scarlet-red chiles, deep-purple shrimp paste, and endless jungles of vivid green. Vietnamese cooking is fresher, healthier, lighter, and brighter than, for instance, Chinese or Indian or French, three of its closest relations. Enjoy the trip to experience yourself.

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    • The tour focuses in Hue and Hoi An - 2 famous central of Vietnam Culinary in 5 days. Together with learning and experience the identities of local cuisine, you also have the great opportunities to discover Hoi An...
      Hue Stopover & Hoi An Cooking Class
      • COCL05
      • US$266
      • Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An - Cooking Class
    • This is very reasonable itinerary for 5 days culinary tour and discovers Saigon and Mekong Delta. The cooking class at Vietnam Cookery Center and Ben Thanh Market visit surely is the highlight of the trip. You also can...
      Saigon Stopover Culinary Tour
      • COCL06
      • US$260
      • Saigon Cooking class - Cai Be - Vinh Long - Can Tho - Cai Rang floating market - Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)
    • Enjoy a simple lunch with “rau muong” morning glory vegetable, “thit ba chi” meat, “tuong ban” soya paste before attending a Private cooking class in Hanoi Old quarter. It’s...
      Hanoi Stopover Culinary Tour
      • COCL04
      • US$63
      • Hanoi Cooking Class - Duong Lam ancient village
    • The Saigon Cooking Class is unique and healthy. You will have chance to learn not only how to cook but how to use food as medicine and discover Vietnamese food culture as well. The tour combined with the sightseeing in...
      Saigon Farming Trip with Cu Chi Tunnels
      • COCL03
      • US$52
      • Saigon Cooking class - Cu Chi tunnels
    • You will have lost of highlights on 1 day culinary in Hoi An: from the morning local fish market to the trip to famous vegetable and herb village of Tra Que with hand-on experiences. Enjoy the cooking class in Morning...
      Hoi An Cooking Class & Boating
      • COCL02
      • US$49
      • Hoi An Cooking class - boating on Thu Bon river
    • Join a Hanoi fun activity – you learn how to make the most popular dishes of Hanoi culinary under a masterchef instruction. Walking around the ancient corners of Hanoi, getting by some street-side stalls to sip a...
      Hanoi Cooking Class & Street Food
      • COCL01
      • US$50
      • Hanoi Cooking class - walking & tasting streetfood in Hanoi Old Quarters
    • Taste Vietnam through an adventure of delicacies and authentic arts of Vietnamese cooking. You will gain a delightful insight of ancient Hanoi through a tour to sample most popular yet refined food, snacks and drinks...
      Vietnam Culinary Delights
      • COCL08
      • US$755
      • Hanoi streetfood - Halong bay - Hue - Hoi An Cooking class - Da Nang - Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)

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